Just call me Espresso....

One shot, two shots or macchiato? ! It’s up to you! Pan Bon offers a wide selection of coffees, aromas and flavors, just enjoy your Espresso at every time of the day

Pan Bon proudly distributes Caffè Diemme, one of the historic Italian coffee roasting brands with more than 80 years of experience in coffee roasting and coffee distribution.! Caffè Diemme is quality, passion, tradition and innovation for its customers, values that perfectly fit with Pan Bon philosophy.!

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The King of the table

Have you ever been to Italy?!
Well, if you had you probably know that at every meal, wether if it’s at home or at the restaurant, you’ll always find a little basket full of fresh homemade bread.! Yeah, we know that it takes too long to go to Italy, but you can have it at Pan Bon!

Bakery products are made every freshly every morning by Giancarlo, a 30 years experienced baker back to Italy, using only simple ingredients.

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The magic of Italian pastries

Small pastries, italian cakes, cakes for your parties, just a slice, croissants, biscuits, breakfast pastries, enough for you? All these delicacies at Pan Bon.

Our focus is on Northern Italy pastries (of course, that’s where we come from!) with some Italian masterpieces such as babà, Sicilian cassata, Venetian focaccia, Tuscan cantucci, tiramisu, almond biscotti, chocolate finanzieri and hazelnut pralines.

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Pan Bon, all day Italian food hub

A couple of months ago a local newspaper defined Pan Bon as as a “All day Italian hub”, that’s perfectly the point.

From breakfast to dinner you can enjoy an easygoing atmosphere and a hi-level service, no self-service just order and sit down, the guys will bring your meal at the table or for those who are in a hurry we pack your meal and run away.

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Hide and seek?
Not a game for us.

Do you think that our products suddenly appear in our bakery from a mysterious place beyond a big wall or are delivered by a strange unknown truck every morning? No way!

First of all Pan Bon shows you its own face; just walk in into the restaurant and you can meet and talk to Giancarlo (the baker) and Riccardo (chef).

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We know you love it

As every respectful Italian restaurant, Pan Bon has a wide selection of Italian and local wines for a perfect combination with our fresh meals.

Some of the best wines from the north of Italy such as Friuli, Lombardia, Trentino and of course Pan Bon’s hometown, Verona!
Our staff has a deep knowledge of Valpolicella wineries and has personally selected all of the wines from Verona area you’ll find in the restaurant; from Valpolicella to downtown San Diego... that’s crazy!! !

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Salumeria, a taste of simplicity

There is nothing more simple than a slice of Prosciutto and a piece of cheese.! In Italy the “Salumeria” is a typical neighborhood shop with a taste of rustic tradition where you can find cured meats and selected cheese from all over the country.

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